WordPress 3.0.5 is available, WordPress 3.1 RC4 and WordPress for iPhone/iPad v2.6

WordPress Official Website: http://wordpress.org/


Release Notes

WordPress 3.0.5 is now available and is a security hardening update for all previous WordPress versions. Continue reading “WordPress 3.0.5 is available, WordPress 3.1 RC4 and WordPress for iPhone/iPad v2.6”

Mambo 4.6.5 released

Mambo Official Website: http://mambo-foundation.org/


Stable: Mambo 4.6.5


Mambo 4.6.5, codename “Jupiter”, has been released.

This is a maintenance and security release which fixes some potentially serious

security vulnerabilities affecting all earlier versions of 4.6. It is

recommended that all 4.6+ users update to 4.6.5 as soon as possible.

Instructions for upgrading are included in the release, which you can download from the Mambo Code Forge here. Continue reading “Mambo 4.6.5 released”

CMS Made Simple 1.9.3 Released

CMS Made Simple Official Website: http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/


Release Notes

Over the past few weeks the CMSMS Dev team has spent hundreds of man hours on the core to address long standing issues, and to fix anything that popped its ugly head up in 1.9.2. We intend to make CMSMS 1.9.3 a good, stable, friendly, fast version that our users could use for a good long time. This should allow us to persue other longer term, though related projects. To that end, there isn’t much for new features; though there are a few new buttons and options here and there. The intent of this release was to apply bug fixes only, we were adamant that absolutely no features would ‘sneak in’, that would cause new issues, and we wanted to be able to distribute a .diff release with this version so we made sure that the database schema was not changed. Continue reading “CMS Made Simple 1.9.3 Released”

IBD Micro CMS 3.5 released

IBD Micro CMS Official Website: http://www.impliedbydesign.com/ibd-micro…nager.html


Download Links:

Stable: IBD Micro CMS 3.5



Micro CMS is the only program available that combines a search-engine-friendly WYSIWYG with a simple, AJAX-based content management system, making the management of your static web site incredibly easy and fast. Continue reading “IBD Micro CMS 3.5 released”

XOOPS 2.5.0 releases and New Xoops Engine (X3) Goes Public

XOOPS Official Website: http://www.xoops.org/


Release Notes

The XOOPS 2.5.0 release is a major redesign of the System Module which has been AJAX-ed with jQuery done mainly by Nicolas Andricq (ForMusS), Cointin Maxime (kraven_30), and Grégory Mage (Mage). Other major contributors include Trabis, Voltan, Kris_fr, and Marco. We also appreciate bug submissions by Onokazu! Continue reading “XOOPS 2.5.0 releases and New Xoops Engine (X3) Goes Public”

Drupal 7.0

Drupal Official Website: http://drupal.org/


Release Notes

Drupal’s worldwide community, along with the Drupal Association, announces general availability (GA) of Drupal 7, the most innovative web platform available. Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. Notable websites are WhiteHouse.gov and the many top music artist’s sites of Warner Media Group. Drupal version 7 (D7) features the latest web technologies and remarkable improvements to user experience (UX). Drupal 7 is already in production use by sites such as Examiner.com, which is among the top 100 in the United States. After relaunching in Drupal 7, Examiner’s traffic grew 19% in a single month, attracting more than 22.4 million monthly unique visitors. Continue reading “Drupal 7.0”