IBD Micro CMS 3.5 released

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Micro CMS is the only program available that combines a search-engine-friendly WYSIWYG with a simple, AJAX-based content management system, making the management of your static web site incredibly easy and fast.


We have taken down the IBD Micro-CMS demo for now, due to some security issues. As soon as we are able, we will be putting it back up.


Here’s how a typical session with Micro CMS would work:

1) The administrator logs in via a simple form.

2) They visit the page where they have content the need to change.

3) They click a button that is visible only to administrators, and without even having to refresh the page, they’re offered a fully functional WYSIWIG to edit their content.

Once they get done editing the content, they click a save button. Again, no page refreshing is needed, so it works super-fast! Micro CMS comes with an installer program to make installation easy for just about anyone. You just need a hosting account with PHP and a MySQL database, and you’re set!


Note: We have disabled the demo for now, but it should be back soon.


IBD Micro CMS 3.5 Features



  • Micro CMS uses a WYSIWIG that is as search engine optimized as WYSIWYG gets!




  • AJAX-based page editing makes making changes to your site nearly instantanious.




  • Amazingly simple interface that anyone can understand. Setting up a site using Micro CMS only takes a few minutes.




  • Support for CSS styling for extra search engine optimization.




  • Easily preview changes before you commit to them.




  • Supports versioning, so you can roll back changes with the click of a button. You set the number of versions you want to be able to save through the admin area.




  • Comes with installer for easy database setup and configuration.




  • Cross-browser compatibility. For real! If you’re an Internet Explorer user, you have the added benefit of spell checking.




Languages: PHP

Database: MySQL

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