IceBB Version 1.0-rc10 has been released


IceBB is a powerful, fast, free, and open-source forum solution powered by the free PHP and MySQL. IceBB scales well, no matter how many users or posts, due to its clean and efficient code. It can also be fully customized to your needs with full skin and language support. A powerful admin control center, along with easy-to-use moderation tools, allow you to easily manage all aspects of your forum.

IceBB also comes with a great community, willing to help you with any problems you encounter, in English, French, Spanish, and many more languages.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

Some of IceBB’s features include:

•RSS feeds

•Favorite topics and forums

•E-mail topics

•Private messages in the style of a topic

•Powerful search

•Unlimited subforums

•Redirect forums

•Powerful admin control center

•Inline moderation


•PHP-based skinning system

•Full localization support (language system, full Unicode support)

•Full feature list

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