Opera 11.01

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Release Notes

Opera 11.01 is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements.


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Stable: Opera 11.01

Released On: January 27, 2011

Size: 8.85 MB



Changes since Opera 11.00

Web specificationsImplementedSupport for window.DOMStringList object of the W3C DOM3 DOMStringList Interface

User interface Improved Translation updates added throughout the UI

Fixed Various mouse gesture sensitivity and recognition issues

Crashes occurring with Opera Dragonfly reload, file download, extension autoupdate, search suggestions

Crash occurring when clicking a link twice

An issue with feed preview

Opera installer fixes: Crash when installing or uninstalling Opera

No File Lock window on upgrade when Opera is running on Windows 2000

Several processes when upgrading on a limited Windows Vista/7 account

Opera creating a file called desktop.ini and places it on the desktop

Switching languages in the installer does not changing the language in the help tooltip

Error code 76 occurring if the MSI uninstallation fails to find the source package


Crash occuring when closing a tab

Crash occuring when opening a downloaded file

Default size of the search field unintentionally changing

Crash occuring on page load for some sites, for example vkontakte.ru

Repaint issues occuring when in Facebook

Disk cache in Turbo mode being prematurely emptied after bringing up a context menu

Deactivated auto-reload in speed dials when the address changes

Removed the close button on tabs that are not selected

Display and scripting Fixed script element being re-executed if child text changes

HTMLElement.toString() throwing an exception for all HTMLElement prototypes

Touch event attributes being misnamed in SVG

Dynamically added style sheet fails to apply if rel attribute is set after a href attribute

DocumentType not being prototypable

Empty script elements still have an empty text node child

Iframe with document.domain is not being allowed to open parent’s document

Not being able to submit forms with input[type=”search”] or with <input type=”number”> when pressing Enter

Deeply nested (5+ levels) iframe not loading in Analytix

Crash when clicking in a dropdown on a WAP page

Crash when downloading to a non-accessible target

Opera installer crash when upgrading a running copy of Opera

Crash prevention for spell checking

URI fragment identifier not being exposed in all extension URIs

Mail, news, chatImprovedUpdated the HushMail mailproviders entry

Added MobileMe Mail-me.com-to mail providers

Now possible to open the mail panel as a tab when only using feeds

The appearance of the signature editor

HTML replying and forwarding format

Fixed Crash occurring with the mail account dropdown

Mail bodies sometimes not loading in single message view

Settings being lost for POP views after a restart

Unread count in the Mail panel button not being updated

Crash occurring when changing an M2 account in mail compose

The default font for HTML mail composition Simultaneouly fixed an issue with dir=rtl that was inserted in the wrong place in the HTML


Mail Toolbar instead of Feed Toolbar being shown when searching in a ‘feeds only’ installation

Right-click context menu in Mail panel section headers being misplaced when the section is expanded

Incorrect right-click context menu being in the Mail Toolbar search field

Crash occurring when trying to edit two links in mail compose at once

Crash occurring while creating folders when no item is selected in the feed section

Index sizes above 2 GB that have negative values in the mail panel window

Issues with the mail panel context menu when only using feeds

Account does not loading on startup if the signature is wrong

Showing feeds when showing a mail account (show messages from)

Security FixedRemoved support for “javascript:” URLs in CSS -o-link values, to make it easier for sites to filter untrusted CSS.

Fixed an issue where large form inputs could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory.

Fixed an issue which made it possible to carry out clickjacking attacks against internal opera: URLs; see our advisory.

Fixed issues which allowed web pages to gain limited access to files on the user’s computer; see our advisory.

Fixed an issue where email passwords were not immediately deleted when deleting private data; see our advisory.

Fixed an issue which could cause the wrong executable to be used to display a downloaded file in its folder, as reported by Makoto Shiotsuki; see our advisory.



Lightning fast

Make your web browsing faster. Everything from loading webpages to opening tabs is optimized to happen almost instantly. You can even speed up browsing on slow connections, with Opera Turbo.


Safe and secure

Reduce your exposure to threats on the Web. Your safety is ensured by industry-leading security, Fraud and Malware Protection and an address field that clearly shows your security level.


Powerful features

Use great features that make common browsing tasks faster and easier. Opera has more features built-in than any other browser. You can also add new functionality with extensions.


Languages: C/C++

License: BSD license

Price: freeware


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