PHP 7.0.1 Released

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP7.0.1. Several bugs have been fixed. All PHP 7.0 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.


Current Stable PHP 7.0.1

  • php-7.0.1.tar.bz2 (sig) [13,659Kb] 17 Dec 2015 c999d29cb8861aa71574a11e8c635691 04ce3bd1da001397b342c2219a5093be9ecbbc97f022e1e6a0ec2fedc3d93e42
  • php-7.0.1.tar.gz (sig) [17,648Kb] 17 Dec 2015 2da2981724d5c99ab7dc6e2164c8e756 d12aaba2bead056322aa53bd5fbe762b27a42d37f451cd42ff2e7a549ca21dbf
  • php-7.0.1.tar.xz (sig) [11,110Kb] 17 Dec 2015 23aba67d57d53145becacb982ed498d5 84fcb8b9c61f70db802d3b6636c6ba602470a375e593375c0c744483aa0c0357

For Windows:

PHP 7.0 (7.0.1)

Download source code [23.84MB]

VC14 x86 Non Thread Safe (2015-Dec-16 23:44:11)

  • Zip [20.76MB]
    sha1: 8cea4d2079827da829de33a9a4e86e476993a012
  • Debug Pack [15.23MB]
    sha1: 36393c877f945f326bb8f8da59ddd82b90f43f6f

VC14 x86 Thread Safe (2015-Dec-17 00:17:29)

  • Zip [20.83MB]
    sha1: 9a6c8d44d658ef7710ea0b45028d501490ee94a1
  • Debug Pack [15.34MB]
    sha1: 4e13871862c89f33aeb40e24c307644b240aec0f

VC14 x64 Non Thread Safe (2015-Dec-17 00:17:18)

  • Zip [22.63MB]
    sha1: 70b8be952700aeb9056c1af9b20e456b161a4924
  • Debug Pack [15.22MB]
    sha1: 3ff48ccdd6a259b47d25c1bf3cccb1734b1b707d

VC14 x64 Thread Safe (2015-Dec-17 00:17:17)

  • Zip [22.75MB]
    sha1: 0cf3e2c53d3d54a94044b993115e5f5cc425b511
  • Debug Pack [15.36MB]
    sha1: e021bfb1e422fe43f18b2568df0bf6d0b986dfa6

For source downloads of PHP 7.0.1 please visit our downloads page,

Windows source and binaries can be found on

The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog.

PHP 7 ChangeLog

Version 7.0.1

  • Core:
    • Fixed bug #71105 (Format String Vulnerability in Class Name Error Message).
    • Fixed bug #70831 (Compile fails on system with 160 CPUs).
    • Fixed bug #71006 (symbol referencing errors on Sparc/Solaris).
    • Fixed bug #70997 (When using parentClass:: instead of parent::, static context changed).
    • Fixed bug #70970 (Segfault when combining error handler with output buffering).
    • Fixed bug #70967 (Weird error handling for __toString when Error is thrown).
    • Fixed bug #70958 (Invalid opcode while using ::class as trait method paramater default value).
    • Fixed bug #70944 (try{ } finally{} can create infinite chains of exceptions).
    • Fixed bug #70931 (Two errors messages are in conflict).
    • Fixed bug #70904 (yield from incorrectly marks valid generator as finished).
    • Fixed bug #70899 (buildconf failure in extensions).
    • Fixed bug #61751 (SAPI build problem on AIX: Undefined symbol: php_register_internal_extensions).
    • Fixed \int (or generally every scalar type name with leading backslash) to not be accepted as type name.
    • Fixed exception not being thrown immediately into a generator yielding from an array.
    • Fixed bug #70987 (static::class within Closure::call() causes segfault).
    • Fixed bug #71013 (Incorrect exception handler with yield from).
    • Fixed double free in error condition of format printer.
  • CLI server:
    • Fixed bug #71005 (Segfault in php_cli_server_dispatch_router()).
  • Intl:
    • Fixed bug #71020 (Use after free in Collator::sortWithSortKeys).
  • Mysqlnd:
    • Fixed bug #68077 (LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE / open_basedir restriction).
    • Fixed bug #68344 (MySQLi does not provide way to disable peer certificate validation) by introducing MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL_DONT_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT connection flag.
  • OCI8:
    • Fixed LOB implementation size_t/zend_long mismatch reported by gcov.
  • Opcache:
    • Fixed bug #71024 (Unable to use PHP 7.0 x64 side-by-side with PHP 5.6 x32 on the same server).
    • Fixed bug #70991 (zend_file_cache.c:710: error: array type has incomplete element type).
    • Fixed bug #70977 (Segmentation fault with opcache.huge_code_pages=1).
  • Phpdbg:
    • Fixed stderr being written to stdout.
  • Reflection:
    • Fixed bug #71018 (ReflectionProperty::setValue() behavior changed).
    • Fixed bug #70982 (setStaticPropertyValue behaviors inconsistently with 5.6).
  • SPL:
    • Fixed bug #71028 (Undefined index with ArrayIterator).
  • SQLite3:
    • Fixed bug #71049 (SQLite3Stmt::execute() releases bound parameter instead of internal buffer).
  • Standard:
    • Fixed bug #70999 (php_random_bytes: called object is not a function).
    • Fixed bug #70960 (ReflectionFunction for array_unique returns wrong number of parameters).
  • Streams/Socket:
    • Add IPV6_V6ONLY constant / make it usable in stream contexts.
  • Soap:
    • Fixed bug #70993 (Array key references break argument processing).
  • PDO_Firebird:
    • Fixed bug #60052 (Integer returned as a 64bit integer on X64_86).



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